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Safety posters are available free or charge to all members of the Alabama Self-Insured Worker’s Compensation Fund.  Full-size posters are available on order through the Safety Materials Library.

4-in-1 State Poster

Alcohol & Drug Use (English)

Alcohol & Drug Use (Spanish)

Beat the Heat (with pictures)

Beat the Heat (no pictures)

Distracted Driving

Electrical Safety (English)

Electrical Safety (Spanish)

Evacuation (English)

Evacuation (Spanish)

Follow the Rules: Live Long and Prosper (English)

Follow the Rules: Live Long and Prosper (Spanish)

Forklift Safety

Forklifts (English)

Forklifts (Spanish)


Hand Protection (English)

Hand Protection (Spanish)

Horseplay (English)

Horseplay (Spanish)

Ladder Safety (English)

Ladder Safety (Spanish)

Lifting (English)

Lifting (Spanish)

Lockout/Tagout (English)

Lockout/Tagout (Spanish)

SDS (English)

SDS (Spanish)

Nursing Home Slip, Trip & Fall

PPE Notice

Protective Equipment (English)

Protective Equipment (Spanish)

Report Injuries (English)

Report Injuries (Spanish)

Safety Minded

Seatbelts (English)

Seatbelts (Spanish)

Take the Right Steps to Control Slips Trips and Falls

Team Effort (English)

Team Effort (Spansih)

Think Safety Rules are a Pain?

WC Poster

We Work Safely Because…