COVID-19 Notice

Employer’s Claim Management, Inc. is fully operational and continues to serve members of the Alabama Self-Insured Worker’s Compensation Fund. Through the implementation of strong remote work policies, we are able to protect the health and safety of our employees as well as continue to provide the high-level service Fund members are accustomed.

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Safety Training Materials Library

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Our Technical Resource staff and services provide a valuable resource to members in helping prevent and reduce claims.  Resource materials and downloads are available to members at no charge through the Safety Training Material Library.  Below is a description of the resources available to members upon registration.

Safety Training Video Streaming 

Through our partnership with The Training Network, video streaming is provided to all members of the Alabama Self-Insured Worker’s Compensation Fund at no cost. The Training Network is a leader in the industry and has provided high quality safety training programs for over 30 years.


CLICK HERE for free, printable safety posters    Safety posters (full size) are available to order at no charge.


Safety booklets are available to order at no charge.

PowerPoint Presentations

Training presentations are available to assist with your company’s safety program.  Some presentation topics include Substance Abuse, Safety Inspections, and Holding Supervisors Accountable for Safety.

Technical Resource Guides

Technical Resource Guides available are intended as helpful guides to members.  However, advice of legal counsel should be obtained when implementing personnel policies.

Web Seminars

Web Seminars are available in full audio PowerPoint format and include important titles such as:

  • “Roadmap to a Successful Workers’ Compensation Program”
  • “A Guide to Completing the Employer’s First Report of Injury”