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Work Safely

Nearly 13,000 American workers are injured each day and each injury is preventable.

Drugs at Work

Drug use at work is a safety topic that is gaining attention. Lost time, job turnover, re-training and healthcare costs are three of the primary implications of drug use regularly confronted by employers.

The typical worker with a substance use disorder misses about two work weeks (10.5 days) for illness, injury or reasons other than vacations and holidays. Consider these facts:

  • Workers with substance use disorders miss 50% more days than their peers, averaging 14.8 days a year
  • Workers with pain medication use disorders miss nearly three times as many days – 29 days
  • Workers in recovery who report receiving substance use treatment miss the fewest days of any group – 9.5

Drug use at work can lead to on the job injuries. Testing positive after a work related injury could impact your job and the availability of workers’ compensation benefits. Refusing to submit to and/or cooperate with a post injury drug testing could also impact the availability of workers’ compensation benefits.