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Shop Hazards

Tools Being Used Incorrectly

Hand tool injuries can often be traced back to using the tool incorrectly or for a purpose it was not designed to be used.  This includes power tools.

  • Always use the right tool for the job.
  • Always use the tool the way it was intended to be used.

Wrenches – Always place the wrench on the nut in the direction the handle will be moved.  Never use a wrench as a hammer.

Files – Never use a file and a pry bar.  It is very brittle and will break.  Never use a file without the handle.

Screw drivers – Never use a screw driver as a pry bar or chisel.

Hammers – Use the right hammer for the job.  Never us a claw hammer to strike a cold chisel.  Because the hammer is hardened it may cause the chisel to mushroom and chip.

Chisels – Don’t hold a cold chisel in your hand while it is being struck by another person.  It is safer to use a chisel bar holder.  Don’t use a chisel with a mushroomed head.

Knifes – Always keep knives sharp because they are safer than dull knives.  Never use a knife as a screw driver.  Always cut away from your body.  Always store knives in a sheath when not in use.

Handsaws – Handsaws need to be kept sharp and in good condition.   Be careful when using your thumb to start the cut.  Be careful not to pinch the blade while cutting.

Rakes/Shovels – Be sure rake and shovel handles are in good condition and free of cracks and splinters.  Store rakes and shovels in the upright position or in a rack.

Plyers – Never use plyers in place of a wrench.