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Shop Hazards


Grinders are a common source of injury in the shop environment.  Many injuries are caused by inexperience, improper use or the lack of adequate personal protective equipment.

To prevent injuries involving grinders think about preparing the work area, utilizing appropriate PPE and using good work practices.

Preparation – remove all flammables from the work area.  Remove all slip, trip and fall hazards.  Be aware of other workers in the area.

Personal protective equipment – utilize safety glasses and a face shield.  No loose clothing or loose long hair.  Use tight fitting gloves, hearing protection and possibly a respirator.

Work practices – Use both hands to keep a firm grip on the grinder and to stay balanced.  Allow the grinder to reach full RPM before starting to grind.   Do not grind on the side of the grinding stone.   Do not apply excessive pressure.  Be aware that the object being ground may become hot.