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Shop Hazards

Cluttered Workstation

A cluttered workstation is an unsafe and inefficient workstation!

A cluttered work station increased the risk of fire by providing fuel and allowing the fire to spread.  Excessive clutter can also hamper the ability of the employees to exit the building due to obstructed pathways or blocked fire exits.

Cluttered workstations also increase the chance of slip, trips and falls.  Clutter allows unnoticed material to fall to the floor, creating a slip hazard.  Boxes and palletized material stored low to the floor or extended into designated walkways create trip hazards.  This is particularly true when employees are carrying something which obscures their vision.  Slipping and falling can be more hazardous than most people expect.  The truth is, over 15% of all accidental deaths, the second leading cause of accidental deaths after motor vehicle accidents, are from simple slips and falls. 

Cluttered workstations also decrease efficiency and can negatively impact workflow.  Paperwork is easily misplaced causing it to have to be recreated or printed a second time.  Tools are more easily misplaced leading to having to spend time searching for them.  Clutter can also cause anxiety and unnecessary stress, leading to low productivity.

These hazards can be avoided by cleaning up as you go and/or scheduling periodic times to clean up.