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Shop Hazards

Chemicals Stored In Unlabeled Containers

Many chemicals used in the shop are stored and used in their original container.  These containers are usually labeled by the manufacturer.  Safety Data Sheets are provided by the manufacturer or distributor.

Problems arise when chemicals are transferred into smaller containers to use in specific departments or work areas. A Lot of employers do not label the smaller containers.  Many times employees will transfer chemicals into even smaller containers to use at individual work stations or to use as a one day supply.  Employees will use almost any container available including but not limited to empty drink containers.  You can easily reduce the hazard of chemicals in unmarked containers if you properly train employees and take steps to ensure that all chemicals are correctly labelled at all times.

To reduce the risk of chemical splashes and spills, you should also make sure that chemicals are stored in appropriate containers and the lids are tightly secured.

Appropriate personal protective equipment should also be used at all times.