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Reporting Work Related Injuries

Employers are expected to provide a safe work environment and ensure protection from recognized hazards. Employees also have safety responsibilities. Reporting work related injuries in a timely manner is one of these responsibilities. When an employee is injured at work, follow the steps need to be followed:


  • Report all work related injuries to a supervisor as soon as possible. Reporting work related injuries is critical to receiving prompt medical care. The supervisor will provide further instructions or direct the injured employee to someone in management who can.
  • Follow instructions regarding authorized medical treatment. Under the workers’ compensation law, the employer has the right to direct medical care. In other words, the injured employee must seek treatment form a medical provider authorized by the employer. Unauthorized medical care will not be paid for by the workers’ compensation insurance carrier. In emergency and/or life threatening situations, use 911 or other emergency medical providers.
  • Follow up with management regarding your medical treatment. After initial medical treatment has been provided, the injured employee need to follow up with the employer as to the treatment plan, follow up visits, return to work status, etc. The injured employee needs to make sure their contact information is current and correct. If the injury results in time away from work, an adjuster form the insurance company will contact the injured employee by phone.
  • Report to modified duty when requested. The treating physician will decide if an injured employee is capable of working modified duty. If released to modified duty, the employee should report to work as instructed, following any and all work restrictions. If modified duty cannot be completed as instructed, this should be reported to a supervisor and/or management.