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Fall Protection – Preventing Falls from Aerial Lifts

(before operating)

A worker was working in a bucket truck to reach a sign to repair.  The sign was near some electrical wires.  The worker did not wear a body harness.  While he was working, the truck shifted and the worker lost his balance falling 15 feet to the ground and died.

Here are some important tips to remember before operating the aerial lift:

  • Check operating and emergency controls
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions and set outriggers, brakes and wheel chocks, even on level surface
  • Look for a level surface that won’t shift
  • Never exceed manufacturer’s slope limits
  • Look for potential hazards, such as potholes, bumps or debris that could cause a tip over
  • Avoid contact with overhead hazards, such as power lines
  • Close lift platform chains or doors and check guardrails
  • Ensure your fall protection equipment is in good condition
  • Look for leaks of air, hydraulic fluid and fuel
  • Follow procedures in the user manual
  • Set up cones and signs is working near traffic