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Power Saw Safety

A carpenter was trimming drywall with a power saw.  He set the depth of the saw blade to one inch past the thickness of the drywall.  The blade came in contact with the sawhorse and kicked back cutting his arm, which resulted in cut ligaments and tendons.

It is important to remember these tips:

  • Read the owner’s manual before you first use the saw
  • Make sure that moveable guards work properly
  • Keep blades sharp, clean and oiled
  • Wear goggles or safety glasses with side shields
  • Cut only if you a clear work area and solid footing
  • Make sure the cutting path is clear
  • Take these steps to prevent entanglement:
    • Avoid wearing jewelry
    • Avoid wearing loose clothing
    • Put up long hair and tie inside your hard hat
  • Make sure your electric saw is double insulated with a 3 prong plug
  • Use a cord with built-in ground fault circuit interrupter when working in dampness
  • Let the blade spin down
  • Unplug the saw before changing a blade
  • Unplug the saw after use