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Lockout / Tagout

OSHA 1910.147

OSHA’s Lockout/Tagout Standard Requires Authorized Employees To Follow Six Basic Shutdown Steps:

  1. Prepare for shutdown. Notify affected employees and tell them which equipment will be involved
  2.  Shut down the machine by using normal stopping or rundown procedures for that piece of equipment
  3.  Isolate the machine or equipment from all of its energy sources
  4.  Apply appropriate Lockout/Tagout devices to the machine’s or equipment’s energy isolating devices
  5.  Safely release all potentially hazardous stored residual energy
  6.  Verify that the equipment cannot be turned on before starting service, maintenance or repairs

 OSHA’s Lockout/Tagout Standard Applies Whenever:

  • A machine or piece of equipment is repaired, serviced, lubricated, cleaned, unjammed, adjusted or otherwise maintained. 
  • A guard or other safety device is removed or bypassed in order to perform work or in maintenance on a machine or piece of equipment. 
  • An employee places his or her body in contact with a point of operation where it could be caught or trapped by moving machine or equipment parts. 
  • An employee places any part of his or her body into a danger zone associated with the operation of a machine or piece of equipment.