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Nail Gun Safety

A roofer was using a nail gun with a contact trigger (bump nailer) when another worker walked by and accidently bumped into him.  The nail gun hit his shoe and fired a nail into his foot.  He had to wear a cast on his foot and was not able to return to work for a month.   

It is important to remember these tips:

  • Get training on safe gun use
  • Use a nail gun with sequential trigger rather than a contact trigger
  • Keep the nail gun pointed away from you and others
  • Disconnect the compressed air when:
    • Left unattended
    • Climbing up and down a ladder or stairs
    • Passing the nail gun to another worker
    • Cleaning jammed nails
    • Performing maintenance
  • Wear safety glasses marked Z87+
  • Use hearing protection and steel toed shoes
  • Always fire the gun with the nose firmly on the workpiece
  • Never use a nail gun with broken or modified trigger