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Machine Safeguarding Basics


Purpose of Machine Safeguarding:

  • Prevent access to point of operation and power transmission devices
  • Prevent objects from being ejected toward people

Safeguarding Best Practices:

  • Never remove or defeat a safeguard
  • Don’t create a new hazard
  • Ensure no interference with the production process
  • Lubricate parts without removing the safeguard or turn off the machine
  • Remove guards only when machine is locked and tagged out
  • Report problems immediately
  • Operate equipment only when guards are in place and properly adjusted
  • Don’t use unauthorized or damages guards
  • Never leave machines unattended with parts still moving
  • No loose clothing, long hair or jewelry

Hazards created by industrial equipment can cause death or severe injury including amputations, fractures, cuts, crushing injuries, burns and electric shock. Machine safeguarding is critical to keeping employees safe from dangerous equipment. Never operate a machine that is not properly guarded.