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Hammer Safety

A carpenter was using a hammer while working on the roof of a building.  As he began hammering, the head of the hammer came loose and struck another worker.

It is important to remember these tips:

  • Always wear eye protection when using a hammer
  • Inspect the hammer before each use
  • Do not use it if there are any defects such as:
    • Loose head
    • Cracked handle
  • Ensure the area around you is clear and no one below you
  • Use the right hammer for the job:
    • Claw hammer for driving nails
    • Claw hammer for pulling nails
    • Hammer with electrically insulated handle working on or around exposed energized parts
    • Never strike hardened steel surface with steel hammer
    • Soft metal hammer or one with plastic, wood or rawhide head to strike steel surfaces