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Fall Protection – Preventing Falls from Scaffolding

A construction worker fell 20 feet from an unsecured scaffold.  It was leaning and had been moving away from the building while the worker was on it.  He fell to the ground and died.

It is important to remember these tips for working on scaffolding:

  • Make sure it is inspected before each shift
  • Replace any worn or defective equipment
  • Make sure it is tied properly
  • Access it using ladders, stair towers or ramps
  • Use only scaffold grade lumber as planks
  • Ensure guardrails and toe boards are installed if scaffold is over 10 feet or more above the ground
  • Make sure it can support 4 times the maximum intended load, including the weight of the scaffold
  • Ensure scaffold is level and plumb
  • Keep scaffold with 14 inches of the building