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Fall Protection – Personal Fall Arrest Systems

Whenever there are unprotected sides and edges, wall openings, floor holes, or other type of fall hazards, we must provide fall protection, either guardrails, safety nets or personal fall arrest systems.

It is important to remember these tips for personal fall arrest systems:

  • Inspect your harness, lifeline and D ring before use
  • Replace any worn or defective equipment
  • Wear your body harness securely
  • Use a lanyard that will not allow a fall greater than 6 feet or allow you to come in contact with lower level hazards
  • Never tie a knot in a lanyard as it reduces its strength
  • Connect to anchorage point supporting 5000 pounds per worker attached
  • Select an anchorage point as close to directly above your head as possible
  • Make sure free fall zone is clear of any objects
  • Do not attach to guardrail systems
  • Use body belts only as a positioning device