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Employee Injuries & Alabama Workers’ Compensation

Employers in Alabama are required to have workers’ compensation insurance.  This insurance covers employee injuries sustained while working.  This includes medical expenses and, under certain circumstances, compensation for time away from work.  In order to obtain quality medical care and insurance service, the following procedures should be observed:

  • Report all work related injuries to your employer as soon as possible.
  • In emergency situations call 911 or seek emergency medical treatment.
  • For non-life threatening situations, follow the medical treatment instructions provided by the employer.  They will direct you to an authorized treatment facility or physician.
  • Cooperate with established post injury drug/alcohol testing procedures.
  • After treatment has been provided, report back to the employer to provide your status and for further instructions.
  • Report to modified duty (sometimes referred to as light duty) as specified by the treating physician and company policy.

It is important that the employee and the employer stay in touch with each other after the occurrence of a work related injury. Make sure your employer has your current phone number and address.