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There are three major exposure routes of exposure to the human body from chemicals, solvents, gasses and particulates which can cause injury or death, depending upon the type of exposure, length of exposure or a person’s overall health condition.  These exposure routes are designated as;


One of the most common entry points is by inhalation which is the breathing of vapors, toxins or dust particles from materials through the nose or mouth.  Depending upon the material inhaled damage to the body or even death can be immediate or long term.

  • Protection can range from dust or nuisance masks to respirators or self-contained breathing apparatus.  The proper type of protective equipment should be reviewed by your Company and you should be provided with proper training on the use of protective equipment.

Swallowing materials can be the result of having blown chemicals, solvents or particles enter your mouth or by eating and drinking in the workplace where the materials are either on your hands which have not been properly washed, on your food or drink containers or even in your food or drinks.

  • Protection can range from eating in an area away from the workplace such as a clean break room, proper washing of hands before eating and drinking from containers with lids provided.

Chemicals, solvents or even blown particles can enter the skin or eyes by immediate contact or by prolonged exposure.  The material enters the bloodstream and begins to affect the underlying tissue and organs.  Results can range from serious health issues to death.

  • Protection is usually provided by the proper use of personal protection equipment (PPE) such as a long sleeve shirt, long pants, special protective clothing, gloves, aprons and eyewear or face shields.

Ensure that all employees are aware of the hazards relating to their specific job assignments in relation to the use of chemicals, solvents, gasses and particulates, are properly trained in the use of the materials and are aware and trained in the use of proper PPE.