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Video Streaming

In an effort to help provide additional training resources to members of the Alabama Self Insured Worker’s Compensation Fund, the Video Library has been expanded to include Video Streaming. Employer’s Claim Management, Inc. has partnered with the Training Network to provide Video Streaming to all members of the Fund at no cost. The Training Network is a leader in the industry and has provided high quality health and safety training programs for over thirty years. Video Streaming will include unlimited access to over 575 safety and human resource training videos, supported in all cases with downloadable quizzes and completion certificates and, in many cases, leader’s guides. This means members can view all videos, as many times as they like, free of charge.

Like other safety resources, access to video streaming is limited to our members and requires registration. This registration is specific to video streaming and is not the same as what is needed for the CompInfo Center and/or the Safety section of the ECMI website.

To register for Video Streaming please complete the form below.

You will receive a welcome email from the Training Network with your password and login instructions. If you need immediate assistance, please call the ECMI office at (334-277-9395).

If you have already registered, proceed by clicking on the following link:



  • Support Material Downloadable File is found at the bottom of each course page under Course File Assets. This includes leader’s guides, completion certificates and quizzes.
  • Confidential Information – Contact information required for registration purposes is considered confidential by all parties and will not be shared, sold or otherwise distributed.
  • Internet Connection – Online training programs are “video-rich” and will require a high speed internet connection such as a T-1 line, cable modem or higher speed DSL or ISDN line in order to work correctly.

ECMI makes no attempt to determine whether or not any place of employment, working condition, or practice complies with federal, state, or local laws, regulations or standard pertaining to safety and health. We are attempting to provide an overview of workers compensation claim experience and status of compliance with certain premium credit programs. Advisory opinion on hazards unique to your business must come from independent resources qualified to address your concern. 11/13/19


  • All safety materials, including access to video streaming, are available at no charge to members of the Alabama Self-Insured Worker’s Compensation Fund only. Please type your member number below so your membership may be verified.