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Safety Training Material Library

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Our Technical Resource staff and services provide a valuable resource to members in helping prevent and reduce claims.  Resource materials such as videos, booklets, and posters are available to members at no charge through the Safety Materials Library.  Other resources such as web seminars, presentations, and technical resource guides are available by download.  Below is a description of the resources available to members upon registration.

Video Library

Our video library contains hundreds of titles in English and Spanish and may be checked out for 3 weeks at a time, at no charge other than the cost for return shipping.  Ordering can be done directly through the Safety Materials library.


Safety training posters and booklets are available at no charge by ordering through the Safety Materials library.

PowerPoint Presentations

Training presentations are available to assist with your company’s safety program.  Some presentation topics include Substance Abuse, Safety Inspections, and Holding Supervisors Accountable for Safety.

Technical Resource Guides

Technical Resource Guides available are intended as helpful guides to members.  However, advice of legal counsel should be obtained when implementing personnel policies.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Our sample drug and alcohol program is available in Word format as a guide to help you understand the importance of employee testing and how to implement a program customized for your company.

Web Seminars

Web Seminars are available in full audio PowerPoint format and include important titles such as:

  • “Roadmap to a Successful Workers’ Compensation Program”
  • “Drug & Claim Management Premium Credit Program”
  • “Safety Management Premium Credit Program”
  • “A Guide to Completing the Employer’s First Report of Injury”